Charity Partner

We are extremely happy & proud to say that The Born Free Foundation is our charity partner. They do great work to protect wildlife across the world including here in the UK. We donate 5% of our yearly profits to the charity starting from 2016. To read about our charity partner The Born Free Foundation, the great work they do & our relationship with them click here.

To read the charities latest news, donate to their campaigns or by getting involved with their work visit their website at



Here at Next Scene Films we strongly believe in caring for the environment & whilst we work we limit our impact upon it. Whether it will be recycling any paper we print (we keep printing to a minimum anyway) or recycling of old DVD discs and electronic equipment. We keep the use of electrical items to a minimum where possible. When traveling we will advise to share cars with clients if both heading to the same location to save on fuel and both companies carbon footprint. It is very important that companies across the world take responsibility for the impact they have on the environment.

Here is our film to show what we do to help protect the environment as we work. Business the way is should be.

We commit to always following these strict planet protecting values:

  • We are always committed to evaluating our impact on the environment to make it the least we possibly can.
  • We will always recycle where possible.
  • We review our impact on to the environment for every project we take on and act accordingly with clients.
  • When buying new equipment we will consider the impact it will make on the environment and buy accordingly.
  • When updating equipment we always dispose of old equipment in the best possible way.
  • Any partnerships we create with other companies – they must share our view on the environment.
  • We are always willing to listen to companies who share our passion with the environment.
  • When travelling to a location we take the least negative impactful possible way.
  • We give 5% of our yearly profit to the Born Free Foundation (our charity partner)
  • All paperwork (including invoices & contracts) we limit to just email.

Planting a Tree

For every booking that we receive whether it be a wedding or a corporate project we purchase a donation with the Worldland Trust who then plant a tree in either Kenya, Ecuador or . To find out more information on this please click here.

Wedding Products

Our wedding products are made with environmentally friendly wood. With each package the happy couple receive a USB stick in a personalised wooden box as well as their DVD also in a personalised wooden box.






Energy Supplier

In accordance to our environmental policy we use the award winning green energy company Good Energy. For more information on them visit their website. Even with a renewable energy provider we still limit the use of our energy where possible to cut our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Founded in 1999, our mission at Good Energy is to transform the UK energy market by helping homes and businesses to be part of a sustainable solution to climate change.

Simply switching to Good Energy could cut your carbon footprint by up to 50% and means that the UK has to import less fossil fuels from abroad.

By joining Good Energy you will be part of a community of homes and businesses that either:

  • buys 100% renewable electricity and green gas, through switching their supply
  • generates renewable power in their own homes, or
  • invests in renewable power as a shareholder of Good Energy.